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Village Design Framework plan

Project details


The Kinsaley Village Development Framework Plan is part of the Fingal County Development Plan 2010-2017. It was a collaboration between Cummins and Voortman and architects Philip and Delphine Geoghegan of iCON architecture.

The Village Development Framework Plan is an advisory document which precedes the making of a Local Area Plan. It sets out the strengths and weaknesses of the village; a baseline for measuring potential, and ensuring a sustainable, medium to long term outcome. In this way it is seen to inform the Local Area Plan. It consists of a written report and a masterplan. The vision for Kinsaley as development progresses is to create an infrastructure for residents, which is safe, attractive as a recreational resource, makes landscape and green an integral part of each area at local level with an overall strategy of routes and places.
The total infrastructure will be achieved at the pace of development, yet each area will contribute as an integral part of the total plan; an inclusive village vision.
Section 2 summarises the overall intent of the vision, recognising that it will be achieved in an incremental way. The County Council responsibility in setting out the vision is to ensure compliance by developers, sufficiently in each Area to retain the concept and quality of the vision.