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03 Apt Refurb Living Room 1

Refurbishment & Upgrade Existing Apartment

Project details


To refurbish an existing apartment that was 30 years old and to modernise it using sustainable systems. The brief was also to use quality interior design to make the unit brighter and more comfortable.

All services were removed and replaced. The original inefficient Gas heating was removed and replaced with a simple yet highly advanced NIBE Exhaust Air Heat pump and heat recovery system to heat the apartment and ensure fresh air all the time. The temperature of the apartment can be maintained above 18 celcius throughout the year and very efficiently. Even the glazing in the windows was upgraded to retain more heat. Simple design features improved the ambience like the inclusion of a glass door from the hall to the living area helped bring natural light into the hall and makes the apartment fell more spacious.
The kitchenette was complete re-designed and upgraded.
All furnishings and decor was selected by the practice.