Site Potential Analysis.

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Site potential analysis assesses development potential so as to determine the likelihood of obtaining planning permission. Based on principles of sustainable development and environmental responsibility, a design proposal is established. It involves the following stages:

•Visual appraisal of site context and site constraints

•Design brief development

•Establishment of preliminary master plan demonstrating the urban form, uses and infrastructure.

•Production of final presentation in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional formats

The final product is a concise report outlining the development potential in terms of building form, building type, development density and the optimum site layout. This report is complemented by a design proposal defining in outline the urban form, urban amenity provision and infrastructure provision. The representation of the design proposal is in a three-dimensional format on a background of aerial photograph or Ordnance Survey map.

Site potential analysis is a process designed for the prospective developer. It provides an ideal bargaining tool in the early negotiation phase with the planning authorities and the public. Before land is acquired and before substantial financial means are committed to the project the client is given at the outset an idea of economic implications. This process has proven to be time effective and cost efficient process for many clients so far.

Clients of Cummins + Voortman Ltd in this context include many Local Authorities (including Fingal Co. Co, Wexford Co. Co., Westmeath Co. Co., etc.) and commercial developers/enterprises.

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