Master Planning.

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The need for Master Planning arises in the context of increased recognized importance of Urban Design in large-scale developments. This process will provide a solid framework on which to base future planning applications. A number of stages can be identified as follows:

•Assessment of the environmental, physical, economical, social and planning context

•Establishment of a design statement and design brief outlining the potential development capacity and Urban Design objectives. Establishment of an overall Development Vision.

•Translation of Vision into a detailed development framework with the creation of a public realm spatial structure / urban morphology, a selection of appropriate uses and infrastructure.

•Implementation and phasing, outlining a development schedule

The Master plan produces a concise written report summarising the development policies and phasing over time. It is accompanied by a plan defining the finer grain of the urban framework at the scale of the urban plot.
The Master Plan defines the location of buildings, footpaths, roads and open spaces. The latest technologies are employed that will ensure comprehensive two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualisation of the plan. The outcome provides a high degree of certainty for developers in the planning policy context. Cummins + Voortman are extensively experienced and uniquely positioned to provide this service.

Urban Framework Plans

Local Area Plans & Urban Framework Plans are conceived in the context of towns, villages or neighbourhoods in need of regeneration.
This process is a catalyst for cooperative action between the County Council and the local population / stakeholders.

Typically there are a number of stages in such a project:

•Analysis of the town's morphology, topography, infrastructure & policy context

•Public consultation

•Establishment of a set of objectives dealing with conservation, regeneration & development and defining a Vision for the town or village

•Establishment a series of local actions & projects

•Final Public consultation, presentation of draft report

•Production of a final report

The Urban framework is an extensive document (text-based with a number of illustrations) that aspires to produce a dynamic framework for development and growth.
Local Area Plans & Urban Framework Plans are benefitting both the local community and the local authority.
It provides a solid framework for planners in order to assess planning applications, provide development ideas and community projects for the local population and create a positive vision for a town.

Statutory Clients of Cummins + Voortman Ltd in this context include many Irish Local Authorities including Fingal Co. Co, Wexford Co. Co., Westmeath Co. Co., etc.

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