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of Cummins + Voortman RIAI Chartered Conservation Architects, Urban Designers, Artists,

BIM Consultants, Graphic Artists, Dublin, Co. Tipperary, Co. Kilkenny,  Ireland


(RIAI  Membership No. 01/021)

(RIBA  Membership No. 12369537 )

(ARB  Architect's Registration Board [UK]

Registration No.  074375E)

(Conservation Grade III-

Architect Accredited in Conservation at Grade III)

Robert Cummins is an experienced Artist, Tennis/Sports Infrastructure Consultant & Chartered Conservation Architect. He initially graduated from UCD, Dublin, Ireland in 1995 with a BSc. in Architectural Science. In 1998 he further completed a Post Graduate Degree (Bachelor of Architecture) again in UCD. Having completed his Professional Practice experience during 1999-2001 he completed the RIAI (Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland) professional practice exams in 2001 and was elected a member of the RIAI in the same year. He was later elected a member of both RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and the ARB (UK Architects Registration Board) in 2006.

Having worked as a project Architect from 1998 (for three years) and as a Senior Architect thereafter with an established architectural practice in Ireland. He then co-founded Cummins + Voortman in 2005. He has a particular interest and expertise in elegant sustainable & ecological design and the implementation of low energy and low carbon heating systems within buildings. He has extensive experience in terms of project management and strict project cost control (through good attention to detail and knowledge of a broad range of construction systems etc). He is not just strict in this regard in terms of the contractor and other third parties, but also the client. This in particular has a long lasting benefit for almost every project he has dealt with. He is also Accredited in Architectural Conservation (Grade III) and has worked with numerous old buildings & Protected Structures over the years (many of them part heritage grant aid funded) . He is also a member of the Irish Georgian Society, the Architectural Association of Ireland and the Royal Hibernian Academy.

Below is a further list of his general relevant experience.

CAD/BIM:    He has high level experience (Since 1994) of high-end CAD (Computer Aided Design) and 3D visualisation systems & techniques.  Has worked (Since 1993) with high-end software packages such as Bentley’s Microstation, AutoDesk’s AutoCAD, Graphisoft’s ArchiCad, VectorWorks, Renderworks, etc. He has proficiency on both MAC and PC platforms with advanced operating System knowledge, particularly with an Architectural production emphasis. He also has high-end Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign skills/experience. He has high level experience (Since 1994) of the efficient coordination of the various relevant architectural software packages and data transfer/manipulation. Now works only through 3D manipulation in advancing a each design (Building Information Model - BIM) and has done so since 2000. Has significant knowledge of the web design area and is responsible for many web site designs including this one.

Practice & Project Management:    Has extensive (Since 1998) postgraduate experience in the Architectural business environment with in-depth knowledge of a broad range of specific project types within the architectural sphere. This has included work on over 450 such projects (of varying scales) to date.

Public Funded Projects:    Has worked on a significant number of Health Care, Educational and other state funded projects since the late 1990’s.

Sports/Tennis Infrastructure Consultant:    Robert is the top expert in Ireland in terms of Tennis Facilities & infrastructure and he also has significant knowledge/experience of Sports & Leisure facilities in general with many grant funded schemes of quality.

Planning Consultant:    He has extensive experience (Since 1998) of the Irish Planning System and the associated legal statutes. He has acted as a planning consultant on many projects. This has included extensive experience as an expert witness in significant Planning enforcement procedures / statuary licensing procedures etc.  Has appropriate experience of preparation of documents for District & High court actions related to same.

Art: As a student he won numerous awards/competitions. Since then he has created many works of art (for over 30 years now) and has a significant insight into this area which is of benefit for clients looking for something different particularly in terms of interior design. Specialist area: Virtual and imaginary landscapes & structures.

Other Significant Items of interest:

Robert is currently sitting on the governing committee of the Munster Branch of Tennis Ireland, on the Tennis Ireland Development Committee and is a former Captain of Kilkenny County & City Lawn Tennis Club

Robert is an advanced Tennis Player. Currently an International  player; who has been selected for Ireland at the World Championships (at over 35, over 40 & currently over 45) He is also an Interprovincial Tennis Player representing Munster (at over 40/45).

He has won many important titles over the years and below is a list of some of the more significant titles/achievements since 2004:

Irish Open Champion

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2013

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2013

(over 45 Mens Doubles) 2019

Irish Open Finalist

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2009

(over 45 Mens Doubles) 2018

(over 45 Mens Singles) 2019

Irish National Close Championships Champion

(over 40 Mens Doubles) 2017

Irish National Close Championships Finalist

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2012

(over 45 Mens Singles) 2018

(over 45 Mens Doubles) 2018

Irish National Indoor Championships Finalist

(over 40 Mens Singles) 2013, 2014

(over 45 Mens Singles) 2018

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2009

(over 40 Mens Doubles) 2017

(over 45 Mens Doubles) 2018

South of Ireland Open Champion

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2009

(over 45 Mens Singles) 2018, 2019

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2011

South of Ireland Open Finalist

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2012, 2013, 2015

(over 40 Mens Singles) 2016

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2009

(Mens Doubles) 2010

Southeast of Ireland Open Champion

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2013, 2015

(over 45 Mens Singles) 2018, 2019

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2015

(Mens Doubles) 2005

Munster Open Clay Court Champion

(Mens Singles) 2004

(Mens Doubles) 2004, 2006

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016

(over 45 Mens Doubles) 2018

Munster Open Clay Court Championships Finalist

(Mens Singles) 2011

(Mens Doubles) 2001, 2011

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2011, 2017

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2011

(over 45 Mens Singles) 2018

Munster Open Hard Court Champion

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2012, 2013

(over 45 Mens Singles) 2018, 2019

(over 45 Mens Doubles) 2019

Munster Open Hard Court Championships Finalist

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2010, 2016

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2008, 2015

(over 45 Mens Doubles) 2018

Leinster Open Hard Court Champion

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2008, 2011

Leinster Open Hard Court Championships Finalist

(over 35 Mens Singles) 2008, 2009

(over 35 Mens Doubles) 2010, 2012


Robert M Cummins

(RIAI  Membership No. 11/134)

Bernard Voortman is an experienced architect and urban designer. He is a former director of CITA. (Construction IT Alliance) Since his earliest years he had a keen interest in the visual arts and has completed at the early age of 15 a degree in arts with distinction at the Instituut Voor Kreatieve Opvoeding in parallel with the traditional (in Belgium) Latin / Science Education at the Klein Seminarie in Hoogstraten, Belgium. In 1998 he obtained a degree in architecture at the Sint Lucas Hogeschool voor Wetenshap & Kunst in Brussels. During his erasmus year in UCD he developed a passion for urban design and urban regeneration, which has led to his return to Ireland in 1998 and which in turn has led to the his completion of a post graduate masters degree in Urban Design in 2003 at UCD. From 2001 to 2004 he held a part time position at UCD where he lectured in both in graphic design and the Building Information Management Systems.  In 2005 he co-founded Cummins + Voortman. In 2008 he was been awarded the Building Energy Rating Assessment Certificate with distinction, which has led to an even greater focus on the sustainability of building projects.  Over the last 12 years he has worked on a vast range of architectural and urban design projects with Local Authorities, developers and private clients in Ireland and abroad. He was elected a member of the RIAI (Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland) in 2011.  He is currently a member of the RIAI BIM committee which is helping promote this new way of working amongst Architects in Ireland. He is also currently a member of the Architectural Association of Ireland.

Urban Design: He has a 10 year experience working on significant urban framework plans & village design statements throughout the country for the public sector. He is focussed primarily on 1) the quality and detail of the public realm as experienced and perceived by the user, 2) the creation of a legible spatial structure based on an adaptive and flexible urban morphology, and 3) the importance of an in depth analysis and understanding of the past and present built fabric, natural environment, with the ultimate aim to create a harmonious composition of the 3 main forces; flow, function & form. He has studied and analysed the impact of planning policy on Urban Development in Ireland and is carrying out constant research and reviews of current Urban Design trends.

Architectural Design: Over the last 10 years he has worked on a wide selection of architectural projects for a variety of clients during which he has gained a substantial knowledge of the Irish Planning System and the construction process.

Graphic Design: As a complement to his traditional drafting techniques he has acquired creative and innovative graphic design skills to the benefit of all his projects and clients. He has mastered the use of the Adobe Creative Suite application range among a wide range of other Graphic Design applications. He is a proponent of the simultaneous use of both the traditional and new drafting and design techniques during the analytical process and leading to the final presentation. Over the years he has completed a multitude of diverse graphic design projects.

Computer Aided Design: Since 1994 he has developed a keen interest in the potential of CAD in the design process and the presentation of projects. He has a high level experience with the world class BIM: Building Information Management System: Archicad and has been working with other mainstream applications such as Microstation, StarArchi and others. The experience gained using a Virtual Building Model has led to the realisation of a precise and an accurate spatial structure and detail in projects at their construction and completion stage, to match the clients expectations.

Other Significant Items of interest:

He has been involved over 25 years in photography and has gained a useful insight in this powerful visual medium. He has been appointed the official photographer for the Irish Karate Association.

He has experience in the creation of course content and lecturing at the University College Dublin who also solicited him (in 2001) to teach graphic design and 3-D modelling within his position of part time lecturer.

Bernard Voortman