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Sustainable & Ecological Architecture

Cummins + Voortman RIAI Chartered Conservation Architects, Urban Designers, Artists,

BIM Consultants, Graphic Artists, Dublin, Tipperary, Kilkenny,  Ireland


Cummins + Voortman Ltd. strive to incorporate sustainable design principles into all work carried out through the practice. (Green Architecture)

While this is a complex area and not linear in nature due to the many different types of projects and situations these principles are focused on 5 separate areas where much can be done to achieve sustainable design and thus reduce the environmental impact of any proposed construction work and later running costs of any proposed buildings (Lifecycle analysis).


Construction sector waste is an increasingly urgent issue. By careful early planning at design stage this can be greatly reduced. For instance pumped insulation usually involves much less waste and eliminates the numerous waste off cuts you often see going into skips!


Materials have widely varying environmental impacts. Renewable materials such as timber are much more desirable and sustainable than say concrete blocks or metals. It is in this area that Architects can make a significant input into reducing the adverse impacts and the practice evaluates every material in relation to sustainable principles.


Ventilation systems consume significant energy in use and need regular maintenance. The practice by using sound sustainable design principles tries to minimise and avoid situations where such systems are necessary.

Natural Resources:

The effective use of available natural resources and protection of both vegetative and animal habitats is crucial to the sustainable functioning of a building or buildings/development into the future.

Urban Design:

The energy people consume in transport equals that used in buildings. Much research is being carried out on the connections between density of development, mix of uses, and environmental sustainability including land consumption and transportation where non-motorised and public transports are to be favoured. Please review the Urban Design area of this site to see how the practice puts this research to the test.

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Sustainable & Ecological Practice (by Cummins + Voortman Architects & Urban Designers)