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The difference between architecture and building is a subject that has engaged the attention of many. According to Nikolaus Pevsner, European historian of the early twentieth century, "A bicycle shed is a building, Lincoln Cathedral is a piece of architecture." This distinction, however, is not a clear one, and contemporary scholarship is showing that all buildings, cathedrals and bicycle sheds alike, are part of a single continuum that characterises the built world.

Architecture is also the art of designing the built environment. Buildings, landscaping, and street designs may be used to impart both functional as well as aesthetic character to a project. External finishes, roofing materials and colours may be used to enhance or blend buildings with the environment. Building features such as cornices, gables, entrances, fenestration's and textures may be used to soften or enhance portions of a building. Landscaping may be used to create privacy and block direct views from or to a site and enhance buildings with colourful plants and trees. Street side features such as decorative lighting, benches, meandering walkways, and bicycle lanes may enhance a site for passersby, pedestrians, and cyclists.


The Work of an Architect:

The work of an Architect is often misunderstood in Ireland. It is often perceived that Architects produce nice drawings, images/models and talk a lot, but are not really of much use particularly to the domestic client as they cost a lot of money and you get nothing tangible in return.. The work of an Architect is much more important and complex than this. Drawing probably makes up less than 10% of the general workload. This work in fact, is usually undertaken by Architectural Technologists. The Architect's main work is involved in advising the client at each stage of a project preparing building contracts, specifying building materials, carrying out on-site inspections and maintaining strict cost control. etc.  And of course producing an elegant and efficient design!

Important Definitions

•Architect: (In Ireland) A Registered Member of the R. I. A. I. and on the official register of Architects under the Building Control Act 2007 and subsequent amendments.

•Contractor: A building contractor as party to a building contract between the architects client(s) as employer and the building contractor as the builder.

•Subcontractor: A specialist contractor as party to a subcontract between the building contractor as contractor and the specialist contractor as subcontractor.

•Title of Architect: A professionally qualified architect is a Member of the R.I.A.I. and on the official register of Architects under the Building Control Act 2007


The use of the title architect may not of itself be evidence of formal qualifications in architecture. You need to check the register.  Associates (A.R.I.A.I.) and Architectural Technicians (R.I.A.I. Tech.) are not Registered Members/Architects.

Please contact the RIAI for further info.

DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURE  (Through Building Information Modelling-BIM)

Cummins + Voortman as a practice regularly deal with domestic clients and their projects (whether big or even very small) and consider work of this nature to be some of the company's most important. It is at this most basic level where Architecture meets everyday life that the architect can be of most benefit to the individual person in his or her own right. Whether a new one off house, extension or a refurbishment  of an existing dwelling, there is much assistance the company can give. (Remember we are also conservation Architects). For a successful project on budget, proper project planning must be undertaken.  If you want a Passive house we are the people to talk to. We use our experience to ensure the most cost effective quality solution is formulated for each project.

COMMERCIAL ARCHITECTURE  (Through Building Information Modelling-BIM)

Cummins + Voortman Ltd. can offer a far-reaching and comprehensive service to commercial clients. The practice strives to offer a total solution for procuring each particular project. Commercially the practice can handle everything from agricultural/horticultural buildings to landmark retail units to industrial warehousing etc. Each project is assessed on its own merit and great consideration is given to the commercial requirements of the client and the best architectural solution is sought to achieve this while maintaining the highest standards of construction. One point of contact is established at the onset and is maintained throughout the life of a project where possible. This allows the client to build up a strong personal relationship with the firm. And remember all our work is carried out using BIM.

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